Thursday, October 1, 2009

D1: First Light

I was listening to a podcast by Tasra Dawson over at F stop and beyond.  She mention that she was starting a 365 challenge that was encouraged by photographer Scott Bourne.  The challenge is a little different than most challenges, because it requires more than just taking a picture a day.
                                           Action Items:

                      * Take at least one picture every day.
                      * Read a page in my camera manual every day.
                      * View other professional images every day.

I've decided to take the challenge.

Not one of my best images but I wanted to start the challenge today.   After meditating  I was sitting on my mat trying to decide what I wanted to shoot for my first image.  It was then that I notice the candle and decided this would be perfect.

Manual:   Read page 60 and 61 in the canon 5d manual " ISO setting the iso speed and setting white balance.

Images:  Viewed the images on Jim M Goldstein site.  I love his work.

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