Saturday, October 10, 2009

D10: Tickle me Elmo

I was over at my sister's house today and spotted this little guy on the chair in my sister's room. I remember riding all over town with my sister, looking for this toy so that my nephew could have it on christmas morning. In case you don't know, its "Tickle me Elmo".  It was the hottest toy on the market that year.  After searching every Toys R' Us and Kaybee toy store from Richmond to Newark, we found the last one at a toy store in Pleasanton. Although my sister thought it would be a great gift, my nephew hated it. The idea of a stuff animal talking did not appeal to him.

Manual:  Read pages 152 and 153 "Register camera settings and Setting custom functions" I have not used the register settings but I do use the custom function settings. I used the mirror lock up (C.Fn-11) and the set my iso to 50 ( C.Fn-08) functions. 

Images:  Looked at images by local photographer and friend Edward Nunez.  Great landscape photographer.  Check him out at

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