Wednesday, October 7, 2009

D7: Waterfall

I was on my way to a park my friend Karen told me about call Rockville Hills.  I passed up the off ramp where I was supposed to exit. So I got off at the next exit, went across the ramp to get back on the freeway and saw this waterfall.  It was not the most amazing waterfall but I like the setting especially the purple flowers in the foreground.  I pulled over, got out and took a few shots.  Needless to say I never made it to Rockville Park.  Hey Karen maybe when you get back?  Hopefully there will be some fall colors.


Manual:  Read page 64 & 65 "White balance correction & White balance auto bracketing. I usually set white balance to auto and adjust in lightroom.  I will have to test white balance bracketing.

  Looked at images by Andrew Hetherington. In addition to his awesome Portfolio, he has a site call whats the jackanory?  Great articles. Check it out

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Bryan said...

Your 2nd comment, and hopefully not the last. Jking xD. Nice shot. I love how the flowers surround the pond. Looking at it makes you feel calm.