Tuesday, January 19, 2010

D111: Rainbow after the rain.

We had heavy rains hear in Northern California.  I love the rain.  I like walking in it and I love the fresh clean smell of the air after it stops.  Today's rain came with thunder and lighting and it show no signs of stopping soon.  I decided it would be best to do an indoor shoot.  As I was setting up the scene for the potd, the sun came beaming through the kitchen window.  I grab my camera and headed out the door to photograph some rain drops on flowers.  When I open the door and looked up,  Mother nature presented me with this beauty, two of them. 


Manual:  Read page 108 "Image playback: Shooting information display and AF Point Display"

Images:   View images by stock photographer Scott Stulberg .  

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SHAZNYC said...

Great catch. I never see thes in the hood.