Thursday, January 21, 2010

D113: Nostalgia

I spotted this record player (That's what they called them back in the day)  in the window while out on a walk.  It brought back some good memories of long ago.  I remember walking down to leopolds record store in Berkeley and buying  45's to play on that thing.  Man those were good times.  The  record player my parents own was a newer model.  It had an electric arm and a spindle where you could stack more than one record.   This one was cover in old Butterick and McCall patterns.  Not sure if either pattern making company is around anymore. I played around with the different presets and lightroom trying to decide which one I like best.  I could decide so I posted all of them.

Manual: Read page 110 "Image playback: Index display"

Images:  Viewed images in the latest issue of  Rangefinder magazine.  There's also an interesting article in this issue by John Rettie title "Does the iPhone portend the future of cameras?. good article

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SHAZnyc said...

I need me one of these for the few 45"s I still got. This is a nice shot of it.