Monday, January 25, 2010

D117: Daily Exercise

I love puzzles.  Every since I was child I love solving puzzles.  I remember buying those  big puzzle books and finding the hidden words. As I got older,  I purchased "Where in the World is Carmen San Diego"  and every game in that series.  Today, Sudoku is my favorite game.  I play at least one game every day.  I've  heard  it's good exercise for the brain. 

Manual: Read page 114 and 115 "Jump display"

Images: Viewed images by Lisa Wasserman.  beautiful work  She will be speaking at the local Smugmug meeting.  Looking forward to it. 

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SHAZnyc said...

I like the DoF in this shop.

I have always avoided puzzles because I am so bad at them. I see people on the train playing Sudoku all the time and I am tempted. One day I'll be brave enough to try it.