Monday, January 4, 2010

D96: Lake Merritt

Took a stroll around  the lake this afternoon.  The weather was gorgeous.  Just right for an afternoon stroll.  A seagull was flying  just above the frame. I waited till he flew into view then snap the shutter.  Picture perfect.!  He almost looks like a hawk.

Manual:  Read page 90 and 91 "Manual Exposure"

Images:  Viewed images by Rebekka Guoleifsdottir .  Awesome photographer.  Check out her self portrait work.  She was also the guest photographer on  TWIP.  Good interview.


Karen Johnson said...


Dijea said...

That is an unbelievable shot.

Ingrid said...

Thanks for the comments. :-)

Alessandra said...

I love the reflections in this one! So beautiful!