Wednesday, January 20, 2010

D112: Left out in the rain

While waiting in the drive-thru lane at my local Starbucks,  I saw this beauty sitting on the fence up ahead of me.  As we all know, a photographer never leaves home without a camera.   After paying for my purchase, I pull around front and parked.  It was pouring down rain, so I cover my camera and lens with a plastic grocery bag.  I pull my hood over my head and walk around to the fence and took several shots of the apple.  I had to stand half way in the drive-thru lane,  so I only took a few shots.  Standing in the way of someone waiting to get there morning cup of coffee is not a good thing.  :-)


Manual:  Read page 109 "Image playback: Histogram"

Images:  Viewed images by Jonathan Mathis .  Someone had tweeted his site.  Very interesting collection of images.  My favorite sets are "one of many" and "smoke signals"  The smoke signal images are awesome.  I also like the layout of his website. check him out. 


MaggieGem said...

What a great find and dedicated photographer! Nice shot, wonderful dof!

SHAZnyc said...

Nice shot. I love the fact that there are so many beads on water drops.