Wednesday, September 29, 2010

D364: A Candle's Flame

Came across this beautiful poem and thought this image fit. Today is 364 of my 365 photo project.

A Candle's Flame 
Another day past
Another one gone
We can't get it back
But we must move on
Life is like a candle
Burning in the night
It brightens all around it
With its beautiful golden light
The wax is like our body
Strong hard and whole
But the wick is like our heart
Within it lies the soul
The burning wick is the candle's life
Of that there can be no doubt
But like the burning wick, our life
Will in it's own time, brun out

By: Matthew MacGillivray
Book:  Read pages180 and 181 "Contracts"

Images: Viewed images in Outdoor Photography magazine.


Jack said...

A simple but beautiful shot! Love the Poem!

Dijea said...

I can't wait for shot 365 - Love this flame. EXCELLENT.

Ingrid said...

thanks Jack, Dijea, for the comments.