Saturday, September 11, 2010

D346: Here comes the night

Beautiful summer day here in Cali.  Spent most of the day at home just relaxing.  Later on I decided to go out for ride up to the basin.  On my way back  I found this nice spot near the marsh and decide to park and watch the sunset.  The sunset was not that great but the after glow was pretty cool.  I like how orange glow  blends into blue sky.  This view reminds me of the following line from Janis Ian song "Here comes the night" 

  Before the Dawn and Light, here comes the night ~  Janis Ian 

Book:  Read pages 97 to 99 "Perception is Reality"

Images:  Viewed newly release images by Patrick Di Fruscia. 


greygirl25 said...

That is absolutely beautiful. I like the silhouette of the high tension wire towers.

Dijea said...

This is awesome. So awesome it almost doesn't look real. Excellent capture my friend.