Sunday, September 12, 2010

D347: Crab Grass

If you want to see some pretty cool kites, Cesar Chavez park is the place to go.   Highland Kites  are out there every weekend displaying some of there most interesting kites.  Below are some of the kites that were in flight today.  The favorite  was the crab kites.   They don't necessarily fly,  but instead hover close to the ground  moving horizontally like real crabs.  They were pretty cool.  They didn't have kites like this when I was a kid. 

Book:  Read page 100 "Master Photographer"

Images:  Viewed images in B/W magazine.  This month edition has some beautiful images by photographer  Yamamoto Masao. 


greygirl25 said...

These are awesome. They must be a hoot to see moving through the grass.

Jack said...

Thats very cool! I have never seen Crab Grass like that before!

Dijea said...

Love this. How fun is that.