Tuesday, September 14, 2010

D349: The Rose Garden

Such  a gorgeous summer day in the bay area today.  A day like this is too nice to spend indoors, I went to the office and worked till 3.  I then drove over to the Oakland Rose garden.  It is such a beautiful and peaceful place. When I lived in Oakland, I use to visit the garden at least twice a week.  Great place to exercise (lots of stairs) or just sit and read a book.
I saw these beautiful roses at the garden.There was no name plate for this rose, but it was planted between the "Ingrid Bergman" and "George Burns" roses. Very Pretty.

Book:  Read page 104 "Keep Going"

Images:  Viewed images in September edition of Rangefinder magazine.  Good article on Architectural photography. 


greygirl25 said...

They are beautiful roses.

credd said...

they're very pretty!

Jack said...

Beautiful Rose Shots!

Dijea said...

Those roses are absolutely beautiful and the DoF is perfect! Gorgeous shots today.

Breanna said...

The color of those roses are amazing!!