Monday, September 6, 2010

D341: In Flight

Went on a photo outing to Napa with my photography meetup group. The weather was gorgeous! Our first stop was Vine Village, which is a residential 25-acre ranch for people with special needs. Very beautiful place and so much to photograph. My favorite point of interest was the egret and blue heron rookery. Although the egrets were a bit shy this morning, I was able to capture one in flight. He flew directly over my head and I had little time to focus and snap the shutter.   I wish the image could have been more sharp. Around 12:30,  we all left to get lunch,  shot some more scenery and ended the day at Adastra organic farm for a little wine tasting and more photography.  Perfect way to end the summer. 

Book:  Read pages 81 to 85 "Visionmonger: Darwin Wigget"

Images:  Viewed images by Darwin Wigget.

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greygirl25 said...

Wow, what a thrill that must have been to see him fly overhead.

Nice series of shots Ingrid.