Sunday, July 4, 2010

D277: Number 3 with a Pepsi

While on my way to drop a friend off at work, we decided to stop at Taco Bell for a bite to eat.  He place one of his tacos on the dash board and I immediately saw my potd.  The background light was harsh due to the setting sun, so I pull the wrapper up to act as a  background.  He order three tacos but the other two were devoured before I could take the shot. Note: This is image is Straight from camera.  I cropped a little off the bottom where the car dashboard was visible.  No post processing.  My goal in taking this shot was learning to use what was available ( food wrapper, dashboard. getting in close).  comments and feedback welcome. 

Book:  Pages 116 to 118 "On Giving and Taking"

Images:  Viewed food images on epicurious website.


Dijea said...

Straight out of the camera is AWESOME. I'm hungry too.

Jack said...

I don't think Taco Bell has ever looked so good!

MaggieGem said...

SOOC is awesome... this shot needs no processing, well done!