Saturday, July 31, 2010

D304: Bourbon Chicken

Served with spaghetti, mustard greens, potato salad and dinner rolls.  Dessert was carrot cake. I wanted to shoot all the dishes, but it was already dinner time and I knew that was out of the question. : )

Book:  Read page 211 "Cultural Sensitivity: Research and ask Questions"

Images:  Viewed images by Rick Wezenaar


Dijea said...

I just ate, and now I'm hungry again.

This looks awesome!

Mary B. said...

That looks "finger-licking good!"

Mindy said...

Love the shot, next time be SURE to shoot dessert lol that is the best part :)

Jack said...

Yummy! I would not have had the patience to shoot that! I would have been too anxious to dig in!

Ingrid said...

Thanks Dijea. : )

Thanks Mary. I'm told it was.

Mindy: I wanted to shoot some images of the carrot cake, but my nephews gave me that "please no more pictures" lol

Jack: I'm vegetarian, but I tell ya there was no left overs. : )