Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday Drive along the backroads

It was a gorgeous weekend in Cali.  Yesterday I stayed indoors and studied.  Today I couldn't resist a nice long drive up to Napa.   I put away the books, packed  a small lunch and off I went along the back roads hoping to find some interesting things to shoot and maybe some fall colors.

Driving along I notice the shadows from the telephone lines on the road.  I thought they were pretty cool. I pulled over an took a few shots. Several  people stopped and asked me what I was photographing.  My reply: "The shadows on the pavement made by the telephone wires"
One person said  "cool shot".  The others looked a little confused lol!

Finally made it to Napa.  Didn't see a lot of  fall colors but I did find a few leaves and of course some grapes.  : )

Almost ready to pick

Next weekend I think I'll go south down 101. 

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