Wednesday, June 16, 2010

D259: Sitting on a Ritz

I practiced shooting food images today.   I shot this setup from several different angles and I'm not sure which one I like best.  I actually waited too late in the day to shoot this setup, so I had to deal with shadows on the plate and wall.  Things I would do different next time?   Use no salt crackers, have several different cheeses on hand,  maybe add a prop (glass of wine, grapes, etc)  I'm open to suggestions.

Book:  Read pages 50 to 52 "Choose Your Lens based on Behavior"

Images:   Viewed images on Raw Amazing 365 blog.  Great food images.                


credd said...

i like the side views of the crackers. the one on the left is my fave. you know how i am about putting the camera all up in the food. and...i like the salt it gives texture.

credd said...

me again! grapes...or something with color (red) would be great in the frame too!

Print Postcards Online said...

I like the one with the glass of wine, but may I suggest that you also capture the one where the glass wine is the one with a close up shot. Hmmmmm, maybe add a fork? Oh, cherry too, for the glass wine. :)

Jack said...

My favorite of the three is the one with the glass of wine.