Friday, May 28, 2010

D240: Spinning Wheel

Came across this roadside carnival on my way home.  I had not taken my photo of the day so I stop and took a few images.  Since I'm doing the prime lens challenge this month, I only had my 50mm with me.  This was my favorite shot.  This wheel was not that colorful, but it was ok for my potd.

Manual/Book:  Read pages 154 and 155 "Sharpening"

Images:  Viewed images by Hark Lee .   This guy has some amazing landscape images.  I also like the layout of his website.


Jack said...

Excellent Long Exposure shot! How many seconds was that?

Jack said...
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Dijea said...


greygirl25 said...

I think the long exposure is fabulous.The yellow is so vibrant. Nice shot.